Minecraft - An Addictive Game for Kids - Good or Bad?

Minecraft - An Addictive Game for Kids - Good or Bad?

Published in Reviews, 05.11.2020

One of the most popular online games that can be played in single-player or multiplayer is - Minecraft - it started in 2009 with a small team that launched a beta version on Windows to see how the game will take with the gaming community, and since then, Minecraft maps, worlds, environments, and skins have been building inside the 3D world daily by users all around the world on popular servers or even locally and uploaded through plug-ins. The entire gameplay of Minecraft is based on 3D blocks that make the game look easy to play by children of all ages, which is the case! 

This new article is going to start to pick up the slack in our categories and games, and today you have the chance to start reading all the history, schemes, challenges, movies, and even series that are present on TV, on the internet, and here on our website. The Minecraft story is full of surprises, because the games on our website are vast, they can be fully online, multiplayer games for boys, building and creation challenges with Steve Minecraft - the main character of the story. 

When Minecraft started 

Minecraft started as a small sandbox video game developed by a small company with the owner as Markus Persson. For the geeks that love details about the games they play, Minecraft was published in 2009 for a beta phase which was very good for the platform and had over five million accesses in the first few months of the beta publish the release. The first build of the Minecraft game was released only on computers or laptops, but it developed very fast, and now, in 2020 the Minecraft games can be played online wherever you are through the Minecraft apps that can be downloaded from the App Store or iTunes, and free online through all the multiplayer platforms like our website or the online servers which are very popular even in these times, where kids play mostly on consoles or on their phone. 

Since 2009, Minecraft has become one of the best-sold games of all times, and was sold on all platforms - Nintendo - PlayStation - Xbox - PC - Android and iTunes with several types of games with Steve Minecraft as the main character. 

The very first Minecraft game was so exciting for boys and girls of all ages, and even though the gaming industry was starting to bloom with great graphics and more and more realistic gaming, Minecraft took a few steps back and went to the roots of gaming with 3D open-world simulators, in which all items, environments, characters or animals were build using 3D blocks with different textures on them, and surprisingly it was a blast for all the kids that started to play the game since the beta phase in 2009, and it is now in 2020 a multi-platform world which looks the same. 

The original Minecraft exploring and building mode was a real hit, even though the controls and the worlds you were playing in were very simple, but game experts say that it was the key to success, because the market was flooded with ultra-polished and realistic games that don't have the same childish experience and do not give you the same liberty to play and to literally whatever you won't like in the Minecraft games, in which with the use of the mouse and a few buttons on the keyboard, you have the chance to start creating your own world, build or destroy already existing Minecraft worlds, build cars, robots and full environments in which other players can play if they do not have the time or the same imagination as you guys do. 

You could say that it's subjective and it might not be true, but over the years, until 2020, which is today! Minecraft has earned by the help of players all around the globe a lot of titles like the greatest video games of all time title that it got in Asia, where kids starting from the age of 4-5 until they become teenagers that have 15-16 years, they build a little piece of their own Minecraft world, and now they have popular servers in which all of their friends can visit and explore, Minecraft being a popular online multiplayer platform that has plenty of different personal servers, public servers, chat rooms that the can be played on. 

Minecraft has become a movement in the gaming world, and if movies and comic books have ComicCon, this single game has its own convention, called MineCon, where kids and grownups together from all over the world gather and try to make the game even more popular than it already is. Minecraft games have been used in educational scenarios, where kids with down syndrome or other types of neuro and psychical issues went inside the game on different platforms, and started to learn how people walk, how people use different tools like hammers, screwdrivers, glue or they learn how to talk, walk or write through the Minecraft VR programs that can be found on consoles like Playstation or Xbox One. 

Playing Minecraft 

There are plenty of free 3D games on the internet, but Minecraft was one of the first and still is after almost 10 years which gives you freedom even on how you want to play the game. It's very interesting how one game, even though the classic mode is the same for everybody, there are different types of players because there's no goal, missions, or adventures that you have to take to progress through the gameplay to become the best players. 

Minecraft is very well known as the low poly game in which cubes are the only thing that objects are made from. Any environment that you see in a Minecraft game is made from cubes, and they are called blocks. The main camera of the game is from a single-player perspective, and you can see only the little hand of your Minecraft character, but it can be changed to an open world camera through the settings, and you will be able to see even your character when you are trying to build objects and even buildings using the blocks, and it can be easily controlled with the mouse if you are playing on a PC, or just swiping with your fingers if you play on your phones or tablets. 

Even though the Minecraft story is based on 3D blocks, they tend to look really trying to show the players different types of blocks that can be made of grass, concrete, wood, dirt, ores, tree trunks, and even other special materials that you might cross paths with such as water or lava, which like in real life, water can be dangerous if you do not know how to swim and the river is too deep, and the lava will be deadly in all the Minecraft games and Minecraft modes that you can play right here on our website, so make sure that you avoid the lava as much as possible because it can be game over very easily for you Minecraft story. 

Because we are talking about the classic Minecraft game that was in beta and now has over 20 million players around the world, you can see that the main gameplay will be revolving over the 3D blocks, picking them up, dropping them in different places, and so you will start to build all kinds of structures, and you can even mine these 3D blocks inside the game so that you have more and more rought material to work with and build one of the biggest and the biggest Minecraft environments, which can be one way to become popular in the Minecraft community, and why not, one of the best players in the world. You can move across the Minecraft map wherever you want with the use of the A, S, WD keys, which will be the default movement controls in all Minecraft games, whatever the type or mode. All the classic Minecraft games are open-world 3D simulators, where you can explore and even start to build your own world that you have imagined and never got the possibility to build until now. 

When you are first starting to play, you can see that the player can choose five different modes of the game that they can play in and they are - Survival mode - Hardcore mode - Creative mode - Adventure Mode - Spectator mode. Which even though it's basically the same game, they are going to be different and they will be available in four different difficulties from normal, easy to medium, and hard, and that will make you lose more life when your 3D Minecraft character will get attacked by mobs. The difficulty of the game is very important since, inside the Minecraft adventures, there will be villains or bad guys called mobs that will give damage to you if they get close enough to hit or even touch you. These Mobs have five different looks - a Minecraft zombie mob, a Minecraft spider mob, a Minecraft Enderman mob, a Minecraft creeper mob, and a Minecraft skeleton mob that you can encounter through your adventures. 

Of course, any game has an avatar or a main character, and Minecraft is no exception, so you are going to meet with the famous Steve Minecraft or Alex Minecraft. Steve Minecraft is the avatar that most of the Minecraft players around the world choose to play with, he has dark hair, a green t-shirt, and blue pants, and he is going to be customizable in different dress up games and makeover challenges, but even in the classic Minecraft game, he can have a change of clothes, skin tone and even accessories which will make your avatar look unique so it will be recognizable on any server. 

Going through the game modes 

As simple as the game is, it's very complex in its types of challenges and interesting missions, and that can be easily seen when we go through the five-game modes of the Minecraft world. Once you enter a server or a room, you can see that the Classic Minecraft game can be played in five different ways, the Survival mode, the hardcore mode, the creative mode, the adventure mode, and the spectator mode, in which you can see what type of player you are once you played them all, and focus on the one you liked more and in which you feel that you can be one of the top players in the world. 

One of the biggest and the most popular modes of playing Minecraft is the Survival mode because just like in life, where people work hard to buy a house, a car and provide for their family, in the survival mode, you and Steve Minecraft have to start gathering resources to mine for blocks like - wood, stone, dirt or water to start to build in your environment all kinds of stuff. It even says in the title of the mode, Survival! is key, because the Minecraft world can be dark, and we told you about the mobs that will be your enemies, and you can see that they are going to attack your 3D Minecraft character in the dark areas of the map and they will destroy your resources if they can access them, so one of the first things that you will have to do in the Survival mode, is to build a house or a small place in which you can take shelter at night from all the angry mobs. You will not live forever in a Minecraft game, and so there's a health bar that can decrease with the mob's attacks, so you have to stay as clear as possible from those attacks, or just build weapons like axes, hammers or why not guns to defend yourself when a spider, a skeleton, a zombie or an Enderman is attacking you. Health can also decrease if you fall in lava blocks if you fall from a high altitude if you don't eat for a long time or even drowning in the river. 

Minecraft gives you the liberty inside the Survival mode to build anything you think of just with the simple Minecraft blocks made from wood, concrete or grass layered soil, and so you can start building houses, shelters, logs, boats, cars, and any other thing that you can imagine and have the skills to start building using your mouse and Minecraft toolbox. You can see that you can find all of these things inside your inventory, where you can stack all the resources and even the crafting types that you can make once you gather enough blocks of stone for example, which can be used to build an ax, a shovel or helmet that Steve Minecraft could wear on his head and stay safe. 

Players will manage to have a lot of progress in the game not only by building full-on 3D Minecraft environments, but there's an experience system in place, and you can gain experience and points by defending yourself from the evil mobs, mining for resources, and hitting all kinds of milestones, making food from items, breeding animals. All the experience that you gain can be used in the crafting section of the menu to get new tools, armors, and weapons.

The hardcore mode is one of the exclusive modes of the game because dear kids only players that started playing for a long time the survival mode in the highest difficulties are free to play inside the Hardcore mode, where you can see that all regular achievements are harder to achieve, mobs are more powerful and resources are few, and most importantly, if you die in the hardcore world you will have to start the game all over, as the server or room that you created will be no longer available. 

The creative mode is a free open world challenge, in which each player will have complete freedom, they do not have to mine for resources, for food, or for weapons, and they will be all available from the beginning to the end inside the inventory. The fly ability will be also available in this new model, and Steve Minecraft will no longer be vulnerable to mobs attacks or even hunger, which will make the game easier. 

Adventure Mode is fun because dear kids Steve Minecraft has prepared for you several missions that he needs help with, and like in the survival mode, you have to work hard, move around the open-world map and see how it's going to be more restrictive, and harder to finish and explore with Steve Minecraft, so it's a new challenge for all the boys and girls that want to take it to the next level. 

Because Minecraft has become a very popular game on streaming platforms such as Twitch or even YouTube, the developers thought about the standby type of player, which does not like to play, but loves to watch other players at work, so the Spectator mode has been created, in which players can get into rooms or on different online servers and watch live other players play whatever Minecraft mode they picked for their gameplay, and have the freedom to move around and interact with all the objects that they can find in the environment. 

Minecraft is fun in multiplayer

Because it's an online game, Minecraft wanted to bring players all around the world in one place and started to publish online servers, chat rooms, and multiplayer games that are fully online, and they all can be played through game-to-game multiplayer, which is the case here on our website, where inside the Minecraft games category and the Multiplayer games category, you will manage to find a lot of exciting Minecraft challenges starting from adventure games, shooting games to even ability and educational challenges in which Steve Minecraft will be the main character and he waits for you to find all of his secrets. 

Once you started to play a free 3D Minecraft multiplayer game, you can see that it can be done even in the old school way, using a LAN connection and have a LAN multiplayer playing session with friends at your house or at school, where most computers are connected to each other through a LAN system. Local split-screen is also very popular in Minecraft games, and that means that there are two players on the same computer, and the screen will split into two parts, the left and the right, and player 1 can play besides player 2 and see how many points they will be able to gain creating a new 3D Minecraft environment at the same time. The most important multiplayer method used for Minecraft games is the public servers, which are all over the world, and they can be found in Europe, America - South America, North America, East Coast, Canada, China or Russia, and you will be able to enter one of these public servers and see how you can play one of the Minecraft modes with kids or adults all around the world, which is a great opportunity to make new friends. 

One of the most popular servers is owned by Minecraft: Java Edition Realms, which can host in one room, up to 3000 people so that it's not an MMORPG, and keep it's Minecraft identity. On these servers, people cannot use a plug-in created by them which are called mods, but all the maps on the server are custom, so it's going to be a great experience playing with Steve Minecraft and all of their friends, and you dear children can see how much fun you will have playing on these servers. 

Another popular server is the Minecraft Realms, which is different and some say better, because it supports user-made add-ons or plug-ins, and so you can publish your own environment or map on the Minecraft Realms servers, and players all around the world can start to play in your world, which can be huge, and you can become very popular on the internet, so you can use your imagination and start to look how to improve your techniques and map building skills. 

To make it even more interesting, Minecraft popular servers such as the Minecraft Realms servers started to take the exclusivity of the PC gaming outside this world, and now it supports cross-platform gameplay, and that means that even if you do a mod on your PC or Laptop, players on PlayStation, Playstation Vista, PSP, Xbox or Nintendo Switch can play the same game, on the same server at the same time, which is exciting and available to see in 2020, and who knows what the future holds for the Minecraft world. 

Full Minecraft game

Besides all the popular 3D Minecraft games that can be found online from the main developer, there have been four Minecraft games that become popular and that from 2014 until 2020, they are played and loved by all Minecraft lovers. 

Minecraft: Story Mode is the first spin-off game made by Telltale Games, a small studio that published the Minecraft: Story Mode on 13 October 2015, and it was a great success, played by millions of people. Even though it's a normal open-world 3D game, it came with five other updates that consisted of five new additional episodes that continued the game for a few years further. The game was available on Windows through Steam, OS X, and iOS on iTunes, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 from Sony and Xbox 360 and Xbox One from Microsoft, and the following updates made it even to the Wii U and the Nintendo Switch consoles. Inside the game, the main character was changed and he was called Jesse, who started a new journey with one of her friends, and their adventure relies on finding the Order of the Stone, a group of four heroes that were defeated by an Ender Dragon. 

Minecraft Classic is a browser game released in 2019 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Minecraft, and it's a recreation of the original 2009 game that brings people back to the first versions of the 3D Minecraft maps, where Steve Minecraft first became popular among players. The developers were so nostalgic and had so much respect for the player pool, and they have recreated the entire environments, tools, and even bugs that the game had back in 2009, so that players can have the same experience. 

Minecraft Earth appeared in May 2019, and it's an augmented reality game made by Microsoft, which will be another building game, in which the players can create environments and maps that will survive even after you are not going to play anymore, and that other players can edit and improve and upgrade your work. 

In 2020, the Minecraft Dungeons game was announced since 2019 at MineCon, but due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it was postponed, and players still wait for the new Minecraft Dungeon. The Minecraft world is the same, made with blocks and can be played in the single-player mode or in multiplayer, 2 players, 3 player or 4 player mode, which makes this new game perfect for parties. We know that it's going to be released on Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but the date has not yet been announced. 

What exactly is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a 3D open-world game, in which players can build structures and items using local resources that can be crafted inside the game.

Is Minecraft for free?

Yes, most of the Minecraft online multiplayer games are for free.

How do you install Minecraft for free?

You just click the link, download the files, open the folder in which the "Run" setup or Install Wizzard is displayed, and it's going to take a few minutes for Minecraft to be installed on your PC.

How much does Minecraft cost on PC?

Minecraft for Windows is completely free.

What is the appropriate age to play Minecraft?

There is no age limit while playing Minecraft! The youngest player can be 3-4 years old, and there is no record of which is the oldest Minecraft player.

Is Minecraft shutting down in 2020?

No, Minecraft is waiting to publish the Minecraft Dungeons game in 2020.

Does Minecraft beat Fortnite?

Minecraft has a larges player base than Fortnite, but they are very different types of games, the comparison is not accurate.

What's better Minecraft vs Roblox?

Minecraft is much better because it gives you freedom in your gameplay.

Is Minecraft losing popularity?

There is no rumor that the Minecraft pool of players is thining in 2020.

Is Minecraft safe for kids?

Yes, Minecraft is a safe game for children of all ages that have imagination and want to start building a series of maps and environments.
Gameplay: 9/10
Design: 7/10
Audio: 7/10
Story: 8/10
Total: 7.75/10

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